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Innovative Sustainability Strategies for Ukrainian NGOs

In fall 2015, RESPOND launched a pilot initiative to support HIV-service NGOs in the development of social enterprises as alternative revenue source. Since then, RESPOND has been furthering the development of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine through trainings, mentoring, an international exchange, and connection to investment opportunities. In November 2016, RESPOND presented the initiative at the 2nd All-Ukrainian Forum of Social Entrepreneurs.  

At the 3rd National HIV/AIDS Conference “For Every Life Together” held on November 21-23, RESPOND presented Social Entrepreneurship as a tool to sustain HIV services within NGOs as alternative revenue generation.

Today, five HIV service NGOs supported by RESPOND have launched social enterprices. Creation of two more is underway. The NGOs participated in the Social Entrepreneurship Fair during the 5th National Civil Society Development Forum. 

RESPOND continues giving mentor support to enable more organizations to diversify their funding and ensure sustainable services for PLHIV.

Watch video about one of the workshop.

List of Social Enterprises Supported by RESPOND




SE name


Social impact 

1. CO “Vid sertsia do sertsia”, Cherkasy ( eng. From Heart to Heart) Social Enterprise  “Soft Profit”  Repairing, restoration and production of high quality comfortable and stylish cushioned furniture; sewing of clothes, underwear, and military form Support of transition home for homeless people and people in complicated life circumstances, providing work places 
2. CO “ 100% life. Kyiv region” Social enterprise “Myti” (eng. Moments) Manufacture and sale of hygiene and care products: soap, dry shampoos, lip balms, face and body scrubs, dry perfumes, etc. Social initiatives, such as summer camps for children with special needs, purchase of ultrasound equipment for  gynecology department of AIDS center etc.; work places for women with special needs 
3. CO «CA«PLHIV Network» Kryvyi Rig" Family Club «Doloni» (eng. Palms) Early development for children; development classes; preparation for school; sensory integration of children; workshops for parents; teenage groups   Funding of services for children from risk populations
4. CO «Cherkasy Network» Charity shop    Used clothing shop; manufacture and sale of home decorations and hand-made items  Provide housing in the Crisis Center for women who experienced violence
5. CO “CA “PLHIV Network” Dnipro” Social Pottery Studio “ Dolia v doloniah” (eng. Destiny in Hands) Production and sale of pottery;
pottery studio with workshops for children and adults 
Free of charge pottery classes for vulnerable families and children