Organizational & Network Strengthening

Working with local organizations to monitor and improve performance

RESPOND has provided technical assistance to 22 local NGOs using an Integrated Technical and Organizational Capacity Assessment (ITOCA) followed by the development of Institutional Strengthening Plans (ISPs). Organizations receive ongoing support through participation in trainings and community of practice meetings. Improvements in an organization’s performance over time are monitored using an Organizational Performance Index (OPI), which scores performance in four domains (see sidebar). (A report on the RESPOND OPI findings can be accessed at A total of 154 local NGO staff participated in RESPONDorganized trainings aimed at both strengthening technical capacities of service providers (e.g., counselling and facilitation skills) and organizational skills such as fundraising. A vibrant community of practice provided another important avenue for support and knowledge exchange. Between October, 2013 and June 2015, 17 meetings were held where service-providers gathered to discuss common challenges, share individual experiences and find collaborative solutions to provide better quality services.

The community of practice also covered organizational development challenges and engaged RESPOND partners in discussions and training on human resources management and knowledge management.

In 2012-2013, RESPOND conducted an Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) in all of the project’s eight regions. A follow-up ONA was conducted in two of the regions (Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv) in 2014-2015. Comparison of the baseline and follow-up ONA data in the two regions showed an increase in network density in both regions of roughly 10%. This is thought to have been the result of improved cooperation in service provision and information exchange among both government and non-government actors.

Innovation: Taking Organizational Performance Monitoring Online

In 2014, RESPOND provided all local partners with access to Pact’s newly-developed online Capacity Solutions Platform ( This dedicated website allows organizations to submit and analyze all of their OPI, ITOCA and other organizational development data. The platform is easy to use and makes data more accessible through data visualizations showing the dynamics of performance improvements over time. These graphics can be used by participating NGOs as part of project applications, annual reports, web pages and other materials to demonstrate their organizational capacity.

Highlight: Online Capacity Marketplace Continues to Generate Value for Partners

Marketplace Platform ( has continued to be an effective tool for technical and organizational development among both NGOs and public-sector facilities. The platform provides project partners with access to technical assistance and training using a voucher-based system.


The Four Domains of Pact’s Organizational Performance Index (OPI)

The OPI is a tool for monitoring organizational performance over time according to four domains, defined as follows:

Effectiveness - the ability of an organization to carry out high-quality programs in accordance with its mission and goals.

Efficiency - the ability of an organization to plan and budget for their activities in a consistently successful manner.

Relevance – the ability of an organization to respond to the actual needs of its beneficiaries, to stay alert to any change that influences this ability, and to alter its course of action based on learning.

Sustainability – the ability of an organization to ensure that its services are supported by a diverse base of local and international resources that may include funding, people, trust, and other types of support.