Strategic Information for Decision Making

RESPOND is taking an innovative approach to the development of online tools to improve accessto and use of critical data

Data profiles for eight regions were developed; profiles will be expanded to 24 regions in response to UCDC request. All profiles are internet accessible and provide regional data visualizations on the state of the HIV epidemic and responses.

Service mapping was conducted in eight regions and data were used to produce various interactive maps on HIV prevention services for key populations as well as HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, MAT and ART sites location in eight regions and the city of Kyiv using ArcGIS online. A total of 42 regional and national partners were trained in the use of ArcGIS and now have the ability to update maps and create new maps based on data from their region.

An on-line registry of donors and HIV-service organizations was developed to enhance coordination of services at the regional level.

A compendium of interventions was compiled and serves as information resource on HIV interventions implemented in Ukraine and their evidence of effectiveness.

National Strategic Information Portal (NSIP) was developed and launched in collaboration with UCDC ( The NSIP combines several interactive online resources related to M&E and strategic information on HIV/AIDS interventions, such as regional profiles, service mapping, a registry of donors and HIV-service organizations, and a compendium of interventions.

RESPOND is building the capacity of local partners in data interpretation and use

Data Demand & Use for Decision Making (DDUDM) training was first provided to monitoring and evaluation (M&E) specialists and decision makers in eight regions. Training was expanded to 24 regions at the request of UCDC, resulting in the training of more than 440 specialists, including heads of regional M&E centers and national-level professionals.

A DDUDM manual was developed, published, and disseminated among M&E Units of Regional AIDS Centers.