15/03/16 to 16/03/16
Quality Improvement Learning Session in Zaporizhzhya Oblast. March, 2016


On March 15th – 16th, 2016, RESPOND facilitated Quality Improvement (QI) Learning Session to discuss existing and new challenges and first results of QI Efforts in Zaporizhzhya oblast. Local QI teams were represented by QI coaches and STI, TB, PHC, and Narcology specialists. The event was attended by regional level medical specialists, representatives of USAID, UCDC, and the PLHIV Network, HIV-service NGOs and patients of ART sites.

Through Story Boards, local QI teams working in eight ART sites shared their successes and lessons learned while testing changes in HIV-service continuum. From January till March, 2016, local teams improved coordination and referrals between ART sites, specialized services and PHC facilities, increased the frequency of blood samples transportation from ART sites to the Regional AIDS Center, extended working hours of the ART sites and Regional AIDS Center, engaged in finding patients lost to follow up.   

RESPOND presented findings of Patient Survey intended to capture the qualitative changes resulting from QI efforts. Expected changes include improved availability of HTS in locations and at a time convenient for patients, improved counseling, shortened time between the test and the results, and overall patient satisfaction with services provided at ART sites.  The repeat survey will be conducted in quarter 1 of the 2017 calendar year.

Presentations from the meeting are available in the attachments below.