01/08/16 to 04/08/16
Strengthening Adherence to Treatment Through Local Structured Interventions

RESPOND continues to implement three local structured interventions aimed at strengthening adherence to treatment among challenged groups of PLHIV: 

  • Formerly dropped out of care patients re-entering treatment programs and newly enrolled in treatment clients receive services through an intervention Patient School - individual level intervention which includes 5 individual counseling sessions tied to doctor’s appointment and visits to a healthcare facility. In addition, mothers with young children receive economic empowerment support through Patient School integrated with Studio of Opportunities.
  • PLHIV who use drugs receive services through an intervention titled Steps towards Health which provides psychosocial and case management support
  • PLHIV with TB co-infection are served under TB is Curable intervention which is aimed to support successful completion of TB treatment. 

In total, eight NGOs have been implementing these promising local interventions in seven regions (see Table below) since March 2015.

Typically, clients enroll into the intervention in a depressed state. Working with them, the project team is changing patterns of the clients, allowing them to take control over their lives and health.

Patient School Social Worker, 
Cherkasy PLHIV Network


The vast majority of clients who take part in this intervention as a result acquire a very high level of adherence. All of them effectively take ART and receive treatment for other concurrent diseases

Patient School Social Worker, 
Poltava, Svitlo Nadiyi

Successes of the intervention ‘Steps towards Health’ show the necessity of working with PWID on building adherence to a health system and follow-up care. Many of our clients do not access medical services because of lack of experience or negative experience with medical facilities. This intervention helps them get really positive experience with the medical system and, in the end, saves lives.

Steps towards Health, Social Worker, 
PLHIV Network, Kryvy Rih

I didn’t have a job. I stayed with my husband and his parents. He was a sole earner for the family. I was looking after our son and my husband’s grandparents… I even asked my social worker if I could stop treatment for a while… The social worker advised me to enroll in Patient School, which I did. Having completed the Patient School, I continued my ‘schooling’ in Studio of Opportunities.

Olha, client of Patient School and Studio of Opportunities, 
PLHIV Network, Dnipro
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