21/11/16 to 23/11/16
3rd National AIDS Conference, November 2016


At the 3rd National AIDS Conference (November 21-23, 2016) RESPOND presented Quality Improvement (QI) model and the results of testing the changes to fill the gaps in HIV service continuum. Recommendations on the QI model integration in services provided by the state-run healthcare facilities and NGOs were included in the conference resolution.

During break-out sessions, RESPOND presented the results of implementing a number of interventions. “Partner’s Health” is an intervention aimed at enrollment of PLHIV sexual partners in HIV counselling and testing services. It showed a substantial level of yield (11% among sexual partners of PLHIV and 7% among sexual partners of PWID). Another intervention «Test and Link” uses social networks to enroll MSM in HIV counseling and testing services. The “Test and Link” model demonstrated the average HIV detection rate in Kyiv and Odesa to be 5%. “Steps Towards Health” is an intervention that within 1.5 years enabled 390 PWID to strengthen their adherence to services within the healthcare system. Presentation of “Patient School” intervention integrated with “Studio of Opportunities” generated a lot of interest among the conference participants. The integrated model has the goal to provide clients with economic strengthening opportunities to strengthen ART adherence. 197 women completed the intervention. The clients demonstrated stronger motivation to make positive changes in their lives and improve their health.

During the conference, RESPOND shared the experience of developing and implementing the electronic instruments designed to analyze and visualize QI indicators at the level of ART sites as well as the instruments to monitor the progress of QI activities on the regional level. 
RESPOND presentedfindings from the survey of MSM and ART providers on their preparedness to PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis). The research was conducted in partnership with Yale University. 

The following RESPOND’s abstracts submitted to the conference have been published in the Preventive Medicine Journal of the L.V. Gromashevsky Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases:

  • Bugaienko, N.S., Antonenko, Zh.V., Yurchenko, O.V., Nikolko, M.V. Results of Improving Linkage of PLHIV to Medical Care in Kyiv City.
  • Mironyuk, I.S., Mulesa, O.Yu. Contingency Planning to Ensure Effective Performance of ART Sites
  • Mironyuk, I.S., Mulesa, O.Yu., Nikolko, M.V. The Assessment Tool for Assessmetn of Personnel of ART Sites as a Means of Planning the Reach Extension for Key Populations.
  • Chihalova, I.V., Gudova, V.G., Lopatenko G.A., Marchenko N.Ye., Nikolko M.V., Kalyagina N.G. FAST TRACK Strategy Measurement at the ART-Site Level in Dnipropetrovsk Region: Lessons Learned.

Pictures from the Conference can be accessed by this link.