RESPOND Catalogue of Publications

Publications listed in this catalogue have been developed by the five-year (2012 – 2017) USAID RESPOND Project funded under the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and implemented in Ukraine by Pact, Inc. in collaboration with FHI360. The project supported the development of sustainable country-led programs aimed at reduction of HIV transmission among key populations and their sexual partners. The publications are freely available at the USAID RESPOND Project website ( They can also be accessed via QR codes or at the URL addresses provided in each publication summary of this Catalogue

The “Tubersulosis is curable” intervention was designed to build adherence to antituberculosis treatment among PLHIV as outpatients. 

The manual contains descriptions of approaches in the management of PLHIV with TB, and theories underlying the methods of counseling. It includes ... Read more

“Reach–Test–Treat intervention: model for enrolling MSM to HIV services system” manual offers detailed recommendations on enrolling MSM to HIV testing through social media channels. The manual also contains description of theories underlying approaches to counselling and directions on ... Read more

The aim of this study was to evaluate the integrity, the possibility of implementation and effectiveness of two interventions on adherence to ART –“Patient School” and integrated intervention ( “Patient School” and “Studio of opportunities”) – the purpose of which was to ... Read more

"Assessment of the behavioral intervention “Steps towards Health” for HIV-positive persons who inject drugs in Ukraine" poster presentation was presented at the the CPDD (the College on Problems of Drug Dependence) 79th Annual Scientific Meeting, June 17-22, 2017 Montréal, Canada. ... Read more

The aim of this integrated intervention was to enhance the effectiveness of HIV treatment through improvement of financial situation of key affected clients: women with young children. Clients of non-governmental organizations got the opportunity to actually influence two important areas of their ... Read more

These guidelines provide guidance on the diagnosis of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, the use of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection and the care of people living with HIV. They are structured along the continuum of HIV testing, prevention, ... Read more

The purpose of the trial was to assess the extent to which the behavioral intervention “TB is Curable,” which combines social support with enhanced motivational counseling, improves adherence to outpatient supervision and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) PLWHA with HIV/TB co- ... Read more

The report contains results of the research aimed at assessing implementation and effectiveness of a behavioral intervention targeting people who live with HIV and use injection drugs (PLHIV-PWID) Steps to Health.Read more

Successful QI Changes are illustrated through the QI success stories from seven pilot regions by process indicators demonstrating a positive trend, or excess over a baseline median measured before the change was  implemented. Each process indicator also represents a contribution to the ... Read more

This brochure was designed to describe Quality Improvement Collaborative, its regional structure, steps and successful changes of response the HIV epidemic in Ukraine and international HIV strategies.Read more

RESPOND developed and disseminated Screening Algorithm for Behavioral HIV Risks as job aids forprimary healthcare and/or specialty providers.   

The Algorithm is available in the attachment below. ... Read more

RESPOND developed and disseminated Clinical Indications for HIV Testing as a job aid for primary healthcare and/or specialty providers.

Please open the attachment below to view the document. ... Read more

"Кроки до здоров'я. Соціальний супровід ЛЖВ, які вживають ін’єкційні наркотики". Посібник із впровадження. ... Read more

 “Partner’s Health” is an intervention developed for people living with HIV (PLHIV) using world best practices. The aim of the intervention is to enroll sexual partners of PLHIV in HIV counselling and testing services.  ... Read more

This brochure was designed to assist patients on ART in effective adherence to treatment. It contains useful information on infection contamination, side effects and examination.  ... Read more

Training course "HIV COUNSELING AND TESTING USING RAPID TESTS. TRAINING MATERIALS" was created for physicians (of all specialties) from institutions of primary health care and specialized facilities that provide treatment and support for patients with HIV; family doctors, nurses and social ... Read more

HIV Counseling & Testing Training (HCT) Course was developed under the project ained at Institutionalizing HCT Training Course as an Element of Post-Graduate Medical Academies' Training Curricula implemented by the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization "Chas Zhyttya Plus" ... Read more

HIV Counseling & Testing Training (HCT) Course was developed under the project ained at Institutionalizing HCT Training Course as an Element of Post-Graduate Medical Academies' Training Curricula implemented by the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization "Chas Zhyttya Plus" ... Read more

In summer 2015, USAID, concerned about the potential drop off in funding for Ukrainian HIV/AIDS service providers, approached RESPOND to discuss a pilot to support NGOs to create new revenue-generating business or grow their already established businesses. A pilot initiative was launched in fall ... Read more

“Seven Steps” is a cognitive-behavioral intervention aimed at prevention of HIV, STI, and viral hepatitis among active injecting drug users. The intervention includes the involvement of representatives of the key population, individual counseling and comprehensive case management for clients. ... Read more