Regional profiles were developed to strengthen the use of strategic information for decision making in line with the increasing demand for data use for decision making (DDUDM) approach utilized by the RESPOND project.

Regional profiles are data bases which contain epidemiologic data, results of bio-behavioral studies among most at-risk populations, and data on coverage with prevention and medical services at the level of eight oblasts (Lviv, Odesa, Chernigiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolayiv, Poltava, Zaporizhia and Cherkasy) where project run out its activities. Each group of indicators is presented using the visualization methods best for understanding: diagrams, graphs, maps. 

Regional profiles include instruments which allow users to receive information according to the user’s request: by time, by region, most at-risk population, etc. All key figures can becompared with data of the level of Ukraine and other oblasts. Coverage with ART and OST programs for all PLHIV and PWID is presented with a service cascade.

Regional profiles are available on the RESPOND project web-site. To use the regional profiles, one does not require additional knowledge of computer programs or installation of additional software. Additionally, the images size does not require a powerful Internet resource which make this product extremely accessible for users. The information presented in the regional profile, can be easily transferred to Microsoft Office programs and printed if necessary. The regional profiles are the source of strategic information at the oblast level, an easy instrument for data visualization, and can be used as a basis for data analysis and interpretation.

The use of regional profiles will allow users to easily get acquainted with the most important trends regarding HIV/AIDS in each oblast, see gaps in the provision of social and medical services for clients and receive brief description of the HIV/AIDS epidemiological and response information for each oblast.

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