The aim of this integrated intervention was to enhance the effectiveness of HIV treatment through improvement of financial situation of key affected clients: women with young children. Clients of non-governmental organizations got the opportunity to actually influence two important areas of their lives: health and financial independence which reinforced each other during the intervention implementation process. The program consists of two interventions. The first one is called Patient School and the second one – Studio of Opportunities. 

The purpose of the  Patient School intervention is development of adherence to ART and other medical services among PLHIV including timely receiving ARV-drugs and regular check-ups. Intervention is implemented during six individual counselling sessions and lasts for about six months. 

Studio of Opportunities intervention was developed for women who live with HIV and have children under the age of 6, and is aimed not at individual social support and group social work to empower client for actions to overcome diffi cult life circumstances, taking care of children and other social and socio-psychological services. 

It should be noted that both interventions used as parts for one integrated intervention can be as well used as independent programs. 

The inmplementaion manual consists of three parts which are available in Ukrainian: