Successful QI Changes, March 2017

Successful QI Changes, March 2017

Today, 156 local Quality Improvement teams work at ART sites in eight regions of RESPOND’s QI Collaborative. Each local team consists of TB, STI, primary care doctors, a gynecologist, a nurse, and an NGO social worker. Depending on the region, the teams test from 6 to 27 changes out of the General Change Package which contains a total of 42 changes.

Regional examples of the most recent successful changes which have been implemented during the last six months, are available as attachments below (PDF in Ukrainian).

Successful QI Changes, as of December 2016

Successful QI Changes, December 2016

QI changes are focused on the three main gaps along the continuum of HIV services: (1) HIV testing and referral; (2) Linkage and enrollment of PLHIV into care and treatment; (3) ART initiation and adherence. From the package of 42 changes, 13 of them were found to be effective in closing the gaps in the HIV service cascade. Other changes continue being tested through PDSA cycles, and new changes will be developed at the learning sessions. 

Studio of Opportunities: A New Beginning for a Ukrainian Woman Living with HIV

Studio of Opportunities: A New Beginning for a Ukrainian Woman Living with HIV

In the inner suburbs of Dnipro, in eastern Ukraine, a tall, slender woman with shoulder-length blonde hair waits in the yard of a shabby house surrounded by June greenery. 

She smiles with her big blue eyes, welcoming a visitor. 

There are neatly planted tomatoes and strawberries, а doghouse with a Rottweiler inside, blooming chamomiles and a children’s rope swing between two cherry trees.

Success Story. Project Start

Serhiy*, 31, drops by the offi ce of the All-Ukanian Network of People Living with HIV in Kryvy Rih, Ukraine, bearing a broad smile and words of gratitude. While no longer their client, he frequently visits the organization to thank them for the support and care he received. 

Success Story. “I am a Mother!”

Nadezhda, mother of seven kids, was brought to our center “I Am a Mother!” by her friend. It was very difficult to engage Nadezhda, as she felt shy of her appearance. She often had a bump under either left, or right eye. Her husband drank heavily and he beat her.

When Saying ‘No’ Is Good For Your Health

17-year-old Nastya spent months on the run from her mother and stepfather while living on the streets and staying with friends.  She dropped out of school and was barely making ends meet. At some point she moved in with her boyfriend but had to leave shortly after they broke up. 

Arc GIS Online Training. February, 2015

Turning Data into Effective Decision Making Process

Having returned to their working environments representatives of regional AIDS Centers and USAID projects who participated in the Arc GIS Online training conducted by RESPOND in February this year applied the new knowledge and skills in practice. 

Success Story. Seven Steps to Change

Viktor, 44 years old, from Lubny (Poltava region), has a long history of injection drug use. His addiction led him to prison time and time again keeping him trapped in a vicious circle. A glimmer of hope came when during a short spell of freedom he entered the Seven Steps Program  

The Pleasure of Change

The life of 17-year old Yuri, a college student from Kryvy Rih is not an easy one. He left his parents’ home when he was 16 to explore the ins and outs of adult life with all its pleasures and dangers.

Creating Meaningful Lives Through Mpowerment

“I was born in a small, provincial town. Any LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual] activity was out of the question there. Everything changed when I moved to Kryvy Rih [Dnipropetrovsk region].