Nadezhda, mother of seven kids, was brought to our center “I Am a Mother!” by her friend. It was very difficult to engage Nadezhda, as she felt shy of her appearance. She often had a bump under either left, or right eye. Her husband drank heavily and he beat her.

She used to drink herself in the past. Before she gave birth to her seventh kid her six older children were taken away from her and now they are living in another family in another city. Nadya does not know where exactly. She doesn’t have their address, or the phone number. She became aggressive and felt insulted and hopeless.

Having visited the Center only once, Nadya then returned to it again and again. First she was quiet and hard to notice, but gradually she became ready to act and to work constructively. After counseling with a psychologist she turned to a lawyer for assistance. As a result, instead of helpless complaints, she developed an action plan. Nadezhda’s goal is to bring her children back and begin a new life.

Nadya HERSELF arranged her stay at the Crisis Center in Kryviy Rih, gathered her belongings and was ready to move, but her husband, perhaps, felt something and understood that this time she was serious and was not manipulating, and he asked her to stay. He doesn’t beat her any more. Now Nadya is taking care of her 4-month old baby and is distributing cosmetics.

All these changes occurred in a very short time – just within six months. She comes to us from a suburban village Illarionovo even when it is frosty or snowing, and she always takes her baby with her. She lovingly calls her little son ‘a Persik’ (=a Peach). She likes to communicate and feels she is needed. It helps other girls not to give up.We ask ourselves, how these changes occurred? It happened thanks to the group sessions, communication, acceptance and support by other clients and the team of Dnipropetrovsk Branch of PLHIV Network.

“I developed a self-confidence and clear vision of my future, and I know definitely, that had not I come to your center, I would have not been alive. I was in such a despair, I saw everything only black and white, I was in a deadlock, and now, thanks to the support of a psychologist and a team, I got a sense in life, I see clear goals and I know that my goals have the beginning and the end. Previously I used to promise a lot and forget about it, but now I am more responsible and I like it”.

In order to ensure the sustainability of functioning, the Center is now negotiating the provision of additional support with UNICEF. Besides, the City Center of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth is involved in the Center’s activities – it provides funding to the implementation of group sessions with the clients by a social worker.

Team of Dnipropetrovsk Branch of PLHIV Network

Photo: Nadezhda woth her son

Photo by Olena Ivanova